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We have expert creative designer who will help you to visualize your dream ring to perfection.

Custom Made Services



The Custom-Made process begins with the choice of your stone. Our vault contains some of the finest natural and lab-grown stones ethically sourced from reputable, family-owned mines and businesses.



Tell us your story. Share your vision and inspirations with one of our experienced project managers and craft the perfect Custom-made jewel.



At this point, we’ll send over a high-definition 3D model of your piece for your approval before we start the conception phase. If there’s anything you’d like adjusted, we’ve got you covered.



Building on your vision for the jewel, our master craftsmen will sculpt an timeless and emotive masterpiece, with your involvement from inception to completion



For those who live nearby, we invite you to our Montreal workshop for the delivery of your custom piece and souvenir book. It will be a beautiful day, cheers!



Be part of the workshop and collaborate with our skilled craftsmen to create your dream piece. This experience will allow you to feel a connection with your custom-made item. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to step into the shoes of a master jeweler.


When others vendors are too busy trying to deal with their numerous subcontractors, we focus all our energy on you and your custom project. A difference you will feel in every interaction you have with us.

Personalized Consultation

Design Your Own Idea

The first step in the process of custom design is to consult with one of our jewelry professionals. During the meeting, you can talk about your vision for the piece and see some of the possibilities and capabilities that we offer our clients. At this point, you will work with the jeweler to outline exactly what you would like the piece to be.

With customized jewellery, the possibilities are endless. You can choose the type of metal, gemstones, shape, and size that best suits your preferences. This step allows you to bring your imagination to life and create a piece that resonates with your personality and taste.

An Immersive Experience

Witness Entire Journey of Creation

Once your design is finalized, the jewellery making journey begins. Skilled artisans and craftsmen will use their expertise to transform your idea into a tangible piece of art. This process involves various techniques such as casting, stone setting, engraving, and polishing.

During this step, you can actually feel the journey your jewelry takes from a raw concept to a refined masterpiece. You may have the option to visit the workshop or receive updates on the progress of your piece, further enhancing the personal connection you have with your custom jewellery.

Time to End An Anticipation

Check, Finalize & Get Delivered

After the making journey is complete, it’s time to check and finalize your custom jewellery. You will have the opportunity to examine every detail, ensuring that your design has been flawlessly crafted. If any adjustments or modifications are needed, this is the time to communicate them to the jeweller.

Once you are satisfied with the final result, the jewellery is ready for pickup. You can now proudly wear or gift your personalized piece, knowing that it was created based on your unique vision and preferences.

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It’s the most common question often asked, and the answer is when you don’t find any jewelry from the store that you would like to buy. Still, if you love our craftsmanship, stones, and work, We will custom-make jewelry for you, just share the reference images or ideas, and we will convert an idea into more please submit the form above.

We have a straightforward custom order process, and we keep the customer a part of the process throughout; below is the process cycle.
A. Once the order is received, we will share CAD with you for approval; If you need any changes, we will do it, and the revised CAD will be shared.
B. Once the CAD is confirmed, we will cut and polish the stones, and images/videos of stones will be shared for stone check before setting.
C. Upon confirmation, we will complete the ring, and if requested, we will also share process images.
D. Once the order is ready, we will share the final images and video before shipping, and then the jewelry will be shipped.

We usually need a total of 12-14 days for custom orders from CAD to Finish, but some designs take more time, but you will be informed beforehand. Please get in touch with us for more details.

“We regret to inform you that returns cannot be accepted for customized jewelry, as each piece is crafted specifically for you. However, in the event that the quality does not meet your expectations, or if we fail to fulfill your requirements, we are pleased to offer an exchange. Additionally, our policy includes a 75% buy-back option for custom orders, demonstrating our commitment to ensuring your satisfaction.”

We accept custom orders for engagement rings, wedding bands, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, or any other jewelry

Yes, we do accept custom orders in lab grown diamonds as well.

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We always love to make custom pieces because they are so special when it’s made only for you! We at OCS Jewellery love to discuss great ideas from customers about their dream engagement rings. Let’s get started and discuss your customized engagement ring today. Book an appointment, and let us get connected.

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Why to Order Custom Jewellery?

The custom Jewellery has more sentiments and attachments then the premade Jewellery, which are specially made only for you, so it’s like one of a kind. OCS Glamor allows users to get their dream Wearable Wonders by allowing 100% customization and design your own engagement ring your way. Viewers can submit the details on the form above, including the reference or inspiration images, and we can make the same design for you. We can custom made Your Style Statement in any shape, size, and color of lab grown diamonds, moissanite, or other gemstones. For custom orders OCS Glamour specializes in lab grown diamond engagement ring, moissanite engagement ring, stud earrings, moissanite wedding bands, bracelets and many more. If you have questions or would like an expert opinion feel free to schedule a virtual appointment with us.

Customized diamond rings

are specially made by experienced craftsmen, with perfection and high quality finishing. Design your own rings with OCS Glamour and get one of a kind ring which will be made by you for you and your loved ones. OCS Glamour not only makes custom engagement rings but we do also make custom moissanite earrings which are very useful for gifting purposes.

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