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By far the most sophisticated wearable wonder I’ve ever worn. I didn’t think I could wear this kind of diamond jewelry in my life, thanks to lab grown diamonds and ocs glamour.
Jennifer G.
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Exceedingly Good Moissanite

We have a range of Moissanite colors, stone shapes, cuts, and sizes to make your own custom jewelry, offering a variety that suits most of your design preferences and requirements.

“The perfectly crafted stones and incredible polish transformed my jewelry, setting it apart from other Moissanite stones with unmatched sophistication.”

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Welcome to OCS Moissaite , where excellence meets innovation in the world of Moissanite stones. Hailing from the heart of India, we are proud second-generation artisans dedicated to the meticulous craft of diamonds and Moissanite stones.


Our philosophy is simple yet groundbreaking โ€“ we recognize that stones are the true focal point, capturing 90% of the attention. At [Your Company Name], we have pioneered a unique technique and established a cutting-edge setup to craft Moissanite stones with perfect proportions and an ideal cut. This expertise allows us to bounce 95% of light and color within the stone, creating a mesmerizing brilliance that sets our stones apart

Moissanite Colors

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  • Narutal Colours Only.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty of Colours.
  • 100% Pure sic (Moissanite Stones)
  • Easy Replacement & Repairing.
  • Customization in Colours and shape available.
Round (omc)
Criss Flower
long hexa
iced cushion
modified emerald
corner cushion
cushion (omc)
cushion (omc)
rose cut round
octagon step
portrait pear
Oval Rose Cut

Why Choose Us as Your Top-Class Manufacturer

We believe in easy access to things that are good for our mind, body and spirit. With a clever offering, superb support and a secure checkout you’re in good hands.

Every facets meticulously inspected

Perfection In every Details

Artistry Beyond Measure: Witness the Meticulous Craftsmanship Behind Every OCS Moissanite Creation. Elevate Your Style with Unsurpassed Excellence”

OCS Moissanite

Precision must be the habit.

+-0.02 Tolerance to the dimensions

Elegance Redefined: Adorn Yourself with OCS Moissanite. From Timeless Classics to Contemporary Statements, Find Your Perfect Sparkle”

Moissanite history

ย Forget diamonds dug from deep Earth. Moissanite, my friends, fell from the sky! This dazzling gem, born from stardust in meteor craters, is nature’s little secret, ready to steal the spotlight. Imagine a gemstone so brilliant, it outshines diamonds, yet tougher than a diamond’s ego. That’s moissanite, a jewel with a story as captivating as its fire.

But moissanite isn’t some new fad. This celestial treasure has been around for centuries, hidden in plain sight. In fact, it fooled even the legendary Henri Moissan, mistaking it for diamonds in his 1893 moon rock findings. Talk about cosmic confusion!

So, why choose moissanite over its “big brother” diamond? Well, imagine a diamond’s sparkle on a budget that’s gentler on your wallet. Moissanite’s fire is unmatched, playing with light like a disco ball in the moonlight. Plus, it’s eco-friendly, skipping the ethical concerns of diamond mining.

Best Value & Quality Are Our Promises

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we are bound to provide the best in class quality in the market

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we take full responsibilty of our moissanite stone's beauty that lasts forever

conflict free gem & metal

our creation follows all necessary regulation for environment, goverment & user.

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